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Our Church History

The potters house christian centre Ipswich was officially opened in September 2018 under the leadership of Pastor Ash and Tristan Adam. We’re apart of the Potters House CFM fellowship which has over 3,600 churches worldwide that are making some incredible impact for christ. We’re a pentecostal church for all people, Every member of our diverse congregation has an incredible unique testimony of what Jesus had done in their life. The vision of this church is to present the gospel of jesus Christ to Ipswich and the rest of the world. We are heavily invovled in local outreach, making disciples and aiming to plant churches in the near future.

Our Fellowship History

The Potters House Christian Fellowship is a Christian Pentecostal Church organisation founded by Pastor Wayman Mitchell in Prescott, Arizona in 1970. The official organisation title is Christian Fellowship Ministries. The Potters House is a Pentecostal Bible-based fellowship of over 3,500 churches in 115 nations throughout the world.In 1970 Wayman and Nelda Mitchell moved to Prescott to take over a small, struggling congregation. Shortly, after arriving. God saved hundreds of young hippies who were getting radicly converted. God began to reveal his plan of discipleship for these young men and women this invovled training young couples for ministry within a local church. In 1973 the first couple was launched out from the prescott congregation to start a new church in a new area with the same gospel message. Churches then began to be planted all over the united states, eventually Australia in 1978 before coming all the way over to Brisbane in 1986, then to Ipswich in 2018

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